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Colorado Moisture Control, Inc.
4950 E. 56th Ave, Commerce City, CO
Tel: 303.447.9400
Fax: 303.282.8778
email: cmc@cmcroofing.com


Since 1982, Colorado Moisture Control, Inc. has provided quality-roofing services for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities throughout Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Our goal is to establish a partnership with our clients that assures the most cost effective and efficient use of roofing expenditures. This practice results in prolonging the life of the roof and allows for the greatest possible return on initial roofing investments thereby allowing for a planned and budgeted approach to future roofing projects.

CMC's focus on the commercial, industrial and institutional roofing market has allowed us to provide a comprehensive roofing service that is unprecedented within the industry. CMC's attention to detail ensures that our client's roof systems are optimized for short and long-term performance. We are focused on extending the life cycle of our clients existing roof systems and not by the demands associated with the new construction and residential roofing markets.

With over 85 years of combined ownership experience in the commercial roofing industry, CMC provides the convenience of an experienced contractor with a proven track record and a history of customer satisfaction.

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